An Interview with Larry Livermore, Co-Founder of Lookout! Records


Written and Produced by Steph Rodriguez
Engineered by David Adams

Musician, record producer, and author Larry Livermore discusses the second installment of his memoir series, How to Ru(i)n a Record Label. Livermore and business partner, David Hayes, founded Lookout! Records in 1987, an independent record company based in Berkeley, Calif. that captured the East Bay punk rock sound. Lookout’s roster of EPs and full-length records include bands like the Lookouts, Mr. T Experience, Operation Ivy (who would later form Rancid), Isocracy, Zero Boys, Screeching Weasel, The Donnas, The Groovie Ghoulies, Green Day, and dozens more. Listen to An Interview with Larry Livermore on How to Ru(i)n a Record Label. Produced for San Francisco Book Review, January 12, 2016. 

One Day, Obey

The Westboro Baptist Church from Topeka, Kan. flew into Sacramento to protest the Jewish Heritage Festival at the Capitol. Matisyahu, a widely known Reggae musician also performed. Written and produced by Jacob Schantz and Steph Rodriguez. Also shot by Robert Reimers. Produced for the Sacramento News & Review July 2010.


The Heart of Hardcore

The video companion piece to music feature The Heart of Hardcore written for Sacramento News & Review. This piece shows the Sacramento hardcore scene in action featuring bands like Hoods and Boundaries. Written and produced by Stephanie Rodriguez and Jacob Schantz. Produced for the Sacramento News & Review, May 9, 2010.


Reggie Ginn Serenades the Boarwalk

A review of Sacramento singer-songwriter Reggie Ginn at her debut Boardwalk performance on March 27, 2010. Ginn belts out songs of heartbreak and sadness, but her powerful voice and emotionally packed performances will intrigue all. Produced for the Sacramento News & Review, April 1, 2010. 

ASG President, Student Affairs Commissioner Face Recall

Sacramento City College ASG President Steve Macias and Student Affairs Commissioner Monica Guzman had their seats put up to a recall vote from Oct. 27 to 28, stemming from the fallout of a anti-abortion group’s demonstration on campus in mid-September. Voice over by Steph Rodriguez. Produced by Cecilio Padilla. Produced for the Express newspaper, October 29, 2009.