Photo credit: Melissa Uroff Millner Photography

Photo credit: Melissa Uroff Millner Photography.

Hello! My name is Steph and I’m an award-winning journalist and editor who crafts stories that mirror Sacramento’s diverse culture.

My passion will always be words. I’ve been an active freelance journalist for more than 15 years with works published in Sacramento News & Review, edible Sacramento, Sacramento Magazine, Capital Public Radio, Comstock’s Magazine and more. I am an experienced editor who held roles as both managing editor and editor of multiple sections for the alternative weekly newspaper the Sacramento News & Review.

I enjoy writing about my city and all the creative people and places that make Sacramento so vibrant. I’m also continuing to navigate the challenges and great rewards of motherhood! My son Elliot continues to grow into a caring and loving individual who enjoys music, books, bubbles and the latest video games.

My interests mirror the variety of articles I’ve written: arts and culture features, hard-hitting news, food articles, environmental pieces, and profiles on the latest in local and national music. I truly admire anyone who creates a body of work and then shares it with the masses.

Write on!

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