Photo credit: Melissa Uroff Millner Photography

Photo credit: Melissa Uroff Millner Photography

Hello! My name is Steph Rodriguez and I’m an award-winning journalist and editor working in California’s capital city. As a Mexican-American woman, I bring a unique perspective to the table and I enjoy creating a dialogue about topics that I’m passionate about such as arts, culture, food and music through the stories I write.

I’ve been an active freelance journalist for more than 15 years with stories published in the Sacramento News & Review, Capital Public Radio, Comstock’s Magazine, Sacramento Magazine, edible Sacramento and more.

My professional experience includes multiple roles at the alternative weekly newspaper the Sacramento News & Review. As Managing Editor, I worked with a dedicated pool of freelance writers as well as collaborated with my editorial colleagues and the design department on special issues. As Dining Editor, I wrote and assigned engaging food features in addition to producing special issues such as the Dessert Issue (No. 1 at CNPA 2018) and the Comfort Food Issue (SN&R’s most popular issue 2019). As Cannabis Editor, I wrote and assigned a diverse range of content relating to the industry’s changing regulations at the state and city levels, as well as investigative pieces that explored unregulated products on the gray market, to features about the increase in mothers exploring cannabis use.

As a journalist, I write about how food and culture intersect, while also reporting on the breadth of local agriculture living in the Farm-to-Fork Capital. I explore what drives artists to create during a time when everyone is so disconnected. In my reporting, I’m not afraid to ask hard questions and call attention to issues that impact the health and safety of people in my community. I write because it’s my duty to seek truth and share the stories of those who I see as integral parts of the conversation.

I’m available for editorial positions related to food and wine, arts and culture, as well as cannabis news and trends. Write on! Be sure to follow me on Twitter: @Wordstospill

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  1. ken magri says:

    I found you! It’s me, Magri. … So, it looks like you are surviving, and that’s good to see. I have grandkids to babysit now, twice a week, and a cabin in the mountains once the snow melts. Take care, Steph. I miss the old days. -Ken

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