An Edible Sacramento Cover Story


This gorgeous cover design of the March/April Issue of Edible Sacramento is illustrated by the very talented Jonathan Buck. I’m proud to report that this is my first story for this wonderful magazine and so it’s an honor to land the cover! The woman on the cover is Judith Yisrael of the Yisrael Family Urban Farm in South Oak Park.

The Yisrael’s operate a half-acre, do-it-yourself urban farm on the family’s property where they grow everything from leafy greens to fresh fruits and vegetables. I interviewed the family and wrote about the impact they continue to have on their community in regards to improving access to fresh fruits and vegetables, planting new gardens in areas considered food deserts, and the policy work Chanowk Yisrael, Judith’s husband and co-owner of the family business, spearheaded with the help of local farmers, activists and city officials.

It’s because of the Yisrael’s and all their hard work from seed to soil that it is now legal for urban farmers, within city limits, to sell their harvest right out of their backyards. Now, the Yisrael’s look forward to improving farm ordinances on a county-wide level, educating youth in the benefits of healthy eating, and also continue to teach cooking classes at the Sacramento Food Bank in order to help the community grow healthier, together.

Edible Sacramento is available at Track 7 Brewery, Corti Bros, the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op and beyond. Pick up your free copy today and learn all about the latest in Sacramento food culture!